New Mad Day Out Beatles book by Stephen Goldblatt

Good news for all the Mad Day Out fans, Fotovision and Stephen Goldblatt had joined to release a small limited and numered edition of 250 books that come with a never-before seen photos from the Mad Day Out photo session.

The boxed set
The book is a white, linen bound volume with 110 pages and about 76 images.

The black and white photograph is printed on 12 x 8  archival paper. The book and print is housed in a gorgeous, chocolate brown linen covered box with paisley lining.

All prints are signed and are suitable for framing.

This book and print was published through a special agreement with Mr. Goldblatt as a fundraiser for Fotovision. So, when you acquire this set, a good portion of it is a charitable donation.

This edition is available internationally.

The photographer and the photos
Stephen Goldblatt is a noted cinematographer and he was one of the photographers who took part in the Mad Day Out photo session with The Beatles in 1968. Some of his photos had laid in a drawer for 40 years and are now avaiable in this edition.

To celebrate this release there was an exhibit of the photos at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and also Rolling Stone published a slideshow of the work to celebrate John Lennon’s 70th birthday.

For more info about the edition and the photos visit: http://maddayout.squarespace.com



Update finnished. Now there are 378 photos from the Mad Day Out. More than 150 are new  and a lot are being changed for better ones. I'm sorry about the old comments in the albums that has disappeared with the update.
Thanks to all the people who had send their photos or wrote to me. I'm glad to know that there are more Mad Day Out fans out there. Thanks specially to Julio Serra and Tammy (I love Beatle Photo Blog).

Enjoy! and happy White Album Anniversary :)
Mad Day Out Photo Album
Mad Day Out History 

Please, let me know it something doesn't work OK in the web. Thanks!

Actualización terminada

Actualización terminada. En el album de fotos del Mad Day Out actualmente hay 378 fotos, de ellas más de 150 fotos son nuevas y muchas otras que han sido cambiadas por otras de mejor calidad. Con la actualización se han borrado los comentarios antiguos de los álbunes, lo siento.
Gracias a todos los que han colaborado con sus fotos o se han puesto en contacto en este tiempo. Me alegra saber que hay más fans ahí fuera. Gracias especialmente a Julio Serra y a Tammy y su Beatle Photo Blog.
Espero que os gusten y feliz aniversario del Álbum Blanco :)
Foto Album
Historia del Mad Day Out

P.D: he comprobado la web y parece que todo va Ok si algo no funciona correctamente por favor dejadme un mensaje.



Hola, vamos a estar actualizando el blog y la web en los próximos días. Más de 150 fotos nuevas del Mad Day Out están en camino. Mientras puede que la página y el blog no funcionen bien del todo porque estaremos haciendo cambios. Publicaré un mensaje aquí cuando la actualización esté finalizada ;)


Hi, we are going update the blog and the web in next days. More than 150 new photos are coming!!! so stay tunned : ) meanwhile maybe the web and the blog don't work OK beacuse of the updating, sorry. I'll post a message here when the update will be finished ;)


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